About AJ Lyndon

Hi, welcome to my blog. I was born in Wales but now call Australia home. I have a long standing interest in the English Civil Wars of the 17th century. In 2014 I started writing a novel about the “War Without an enemy” as it was described by an army commander in 1643. The Welsh Linnet was published in 2017. I have now completed a second novel The Tawny Sash, set during the same period. Publication date TBD.

In the meantime I have had a few short stories published- Bloody Dock set during the civil war(November 2020 – Sundial Historical Magazine).

Cumberland Sausage, set in the late 20th century (April 2021 in Potato Soup literary journal).

From the Water – a Moses story set in Ancient Egypt (June 2021 in Ancient Muse)

Watch this space for further updates on my writing.

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