AJ Lyndon novels

“Stand or I fire!”
I flattened myself against Fairy’s neck and urged her into a gallop, praying I could lose them in the fog. I heard the crack of the carbine and a shot whistled by my ear Behind me I could hear the muffled hoof beats of the two horses. Were they gaining on me? I could not tell.

England in the year 1642. Civil War looms between King Charles I and his Parliament. For brothers Will and Harry, life as officers in the King’s cavalry promises excitement and adventure. But there is danger and suffering ahead for the brothers and their sister Bess. Fortunes of war throw Harry together with a grieving widower who seeks only escape and oblivion. None of their lives will ever be the same again.

In the dusk, diabolical faces loomed, fitfully illuminated by the flames. Some wore coifs, loosened in the struggle, their mouths gaping holes in blackened faces as they hollered abuse and wielded brooms, or kettles snatched hot, glowing from kitchen hearths. Others wielded swords in one hand and torches in the other, death by the one means or the other to any who threatened defiance to the King’s defeated but all-conquering Cavaliers.

“I will bear the responsibility.” Despite his orders, here and there a body, stretched out on the ground, marked the awful passage of the regiment of Horse.

It is 1644. The continuing civil war is tearing the country apart- and families too. The powerful Sir Henry swears vengeance, forcing his son into an irrevocable decision.

The Welsh Linnet was published
by Tretower Publishing in 2017. 
It is available on Amazon.com.au. and on Kindle.
In the UK it is available from the following locations:
The Commandery, Worcester
Milestones Museum, Basingstoke
Basing House, Basingstoke
The Willis Museum, Basingstoke
Tretower Court and Castle, Crickhowell

Publication date of The Tawny Sash TBD. For news on the release date, subscribe to my email list.

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