Why Flavius Ferox left Vindolanda: The Fort by Adrian Goldsworthy

BY AJ LYNDON Adrian Goldsworthy studied at Oxford, where his doctoral thesis examined the Roman army. He became an acclaimed historian of Ancient Rome, author of numerous works of nonfiction including Caesar and Hadrian’s Wall. But it is as a novelist, author of the Vindolanda trilogy, set in Roman Britain, that he has gained fame among readers ofContinue reading “Why Flavius Ferox left Vindolanda: The Fort by Adrian Goldsworthy”

Bringing the dead to life

“He deserves to lie near his home, and not among strangers.” “Nay, Sir. Let him lie. It will not bring him back; and making a great pother in the midst of war about one young lad is foolishness, when there are thousands like him who lie in mass graves.” Writers are often asked why weContinue reading “Bringing the dead to life”