Interview with historical novelist Penny Ingham

If I had made it to the UK in 2020 as planned, I might have been able to sit in the same room with Penny as we chatted. But this year it was of course done remotely. Penny has written three historical novels, all set in the early medieval period: The Saxon Wolves, The SaxonContinue reading “Interview with historical novelist Penny Ingham”

Reading the Past

An Unlikely Partnership Ghost of the Bamboo Road (A Hiro Hattori Novel) by Susan Spann Susan Spann has recently published Ghost of the Bamboo Road, (Simon & Schuster 2019), the seventh novel in her Hiro Hattori series, set in 16th century Japan. ‚ÄúSpann is meticulous about the details but weaves in various aspects of thisContinue reading “Reading the Past”